The Beatles meet the cardigans

This is what happens when you pop out for a tea and fresh air…..I purchased this record the other day from Flash Back records on Bethnal Green Road London, merely moments from Anglozine HQ- purely for the sleeve. 

 I haven’t done that since the first record I ever bought from Woolworths; using a gift token from my Nan. The disc was “Swords of a thousand men by Tenpole Tudor’ in 1981, luckily a pretty good song as it goes.

 The Beatles here doing a spot of product placement in Van Jac checkerboard cardigans- arigato are kid.  The Japanese 7” record cover for Hello Goodbye/I am the Walrus on Apple Records (Ed. Van Jac has no association to Californian Van Doren est 1966 or the Vandoren Clarinet maker from Paris est 1905).

 A tad naughty by today's standards; the reason we know they are Van cardi’s  (I mean we just know these things) is the Van Jac carrier bag stashed, bold as you like under John and Mac’s piano.   Man those carrier bags were to die for in Tokyo 1966, Van fanatics would buy them to style it out like they’d just shopped the Ginza emporium.  Whenever I go to Marks & (Dine in for £10) now I roll up the checkerboard carrier under my arm like a good little Miyuki Zoku.

 Van was a highly sought after brand from Japan launched in the 1960’s it was essentially the go to brand for the Japanese Ivy League movement. The Van family tree technically follows through to the likes of the usual collegiate style Japanese brands and even Uniqlo today. 

 There are also links to the ubiquitous “Take Ivy” book shot in USA by T.Hayashida and the original Van bunch.  If you are over in Japan having a mooch, dig out some old Men’s Club magazines.  Not to be confused with the smutty UK title.  This one involves clothing -which is superb and loaded with Van.  Even the early 1980’s issues are worth a gander.  

 We are not even big Beatles fans here (more Yardbirds from this period) but this sleeve had to be snapped up- the fab four just look so happy in their Van cardi’s.  Look dead close, maybe Paul didn’t get the colour he really wanted, but the other three are chuffed to bits.  

I bet they hung these in the corner of the hotel room the day they were gifted this lamb hair finery.  Yes hung it with a clear sight line so that it was the last thing they saw before dozing off and their waking vision at the break of dawn.  We do that with all our new clobber- it’s a very Anglozine trait.

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Its funny how the Japanese issue sleeves were predominantly gatefold as opposed to a sturdy regular sleeve. I'd have thought the Japanese would have had the paper folding malarky down to a tee. I've just answered my own question the fold is fine, its the glue- thats it, its the glue they don't dig. Carry on.

I am the Walrus…………………..”Sitting on a Corn flake, waiting for the van to come”    

Eh? looking good John.