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The Man Who Fell To Earth in FILMS & FILMING MAGAZINE 1976

While getting the mood board together for our summer 2021 collection            ‘760 Deathnal Green’ I watched again the film: The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976) with the lead role perfect natural casting of David Bowie. The quirky, skinny, wall eyed, pasty, flame red haired topped off with an English accent was the prime candidate for this film.  He was also for the benefit of art lets say 'spaced out' Bowie was using cocaine during the entire filming run and stated later in 1983:  “I’m so pleased I made that film, but I didn’t really know what was being made at all” “My one snapshot memory of that film is not having to act. Just...

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Anglozine Eel Pie Island Dazed & Confused February 2006

The zine part of Anglozine just to remind you is dedicated to our love of zines and magazines that are/were less corporate and had zine leanings, of which we have tons of- quite sure its tons The floor creeks in our London HQ Victorian building and what with the Jukebox and wooden upright piano we might have to get the floor reinforced sometime soon. So many magazines that we've only just happened across this Dazed and Confused issue from 2006. We could have done with this issue at the start of the season or even better when creating the mood board last year as it covers perfectly the Anglozine AW/20 theme Eelpie Land There are two oddities here- firstly one...

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