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Anglozine Issue 1

Anglozine issue 1 here in its full digitized glory. The latter part of our labels name is Zine and so it felt quite appropriate to rustle one up. It’s loosely based around: clothing, fashion, dress sense and I guess going forward that’s what they’ll all be about; because that’s all that interests us really. Issue one includes Q&A’s with LOOSE (zine extrodinare), Eddie Piller (owner of Acid Jazz ) John Marchant (John Marchant Gallery/Jamie reid), Claire Duport (illustrator former WAD stylist) and long time friend Vincent Mare (owner Desastre records). Issue 2 will be out some time in February 2019 and will include so far Q&A’s with: Frida Wannerberger, Paul Gorman, and Rutger Fuchs…………….On that bombshell

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