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Its May how the flippin' heck did that happen? Yesterday in a purple haze flash back flicking through this RAVE May 1967 I happened across the map of Great Britain.  The second city Birmingham- where I was flung up as a child, claims Maroon, Maroon as the chosen trend colour that month.  On my 16th Birthday I was allowed to get an 'outfit' for my party -unsupervised, girls had been invited - this was deadly serious. So 20+ years later 5 days away from the date of this Rave Magazine and me being legally allowed to have sexual intercourse and a post-coital cigarette (16 UK) -  I'm in Mr Singh's shop on the Stratford Road Birmingham in May 1987 trying...

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Rave magazine, rare as rocking horse doo-doo and always amazes 1980's ravers as they thought their scene coined the 'rave' phrase.   There is no Spectrum flyer or floppy neon beach hats, smiley badge in here sunshine. Here we have the East Ends fab four writing duo; Ronnie Lane (Plonk) and Steve Marriot of The Small Faces.  One of the most stylish and superb sounding British bands of the 1960's.  Not one of Steve's finest looks I'll admit here on the cover of RAVE August 1966 perhaps the August heat had got to him. This magazine was actually marketed as a teenage girls magazine but within certain circles this magazine has a genuine cult status and can collect a pretty penny...

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