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RIP PHIL MAY - The Sunday Times July 1964

The Sunday Times 12th July 1964  'The long-hair musicians P.14' Quite a timely despatch this one, the publication date two days before Bastille day in France 14th July- the celebration of a load of foppish long haired toffs had their bonces lopped off.  The worlds current need to visit the hair salon is quite literally on everyones mind to get our locks lopped off. Alas this is not the link- regrettably its the sad passing of another member of the sussed hall of fame namely; Phil May the bloody brilliant lead singer of the band The Pretty Things.  Phil Mays voice was one of the most authentic Rhythm & Blues beat band instruments of the decade.  He truly did justice...

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The Sunday Times 28th March 1971

That was close it was almost to the day that this post tied in with the date on The Sunday Times supplement, missed it by a day.  The photographer Red Saunders is a fellow Hackney boy and worked with The Sunday Times for 2 years, he was a founder of Rock Against Racism in 1976 (The movement that saw The Clash play in Victoria Park Hackney in 1978).  Red devastatingly had his photographic archive destroyed by an arson attack and so these magazines should be appreciated and used in even more flyers and zines. Considering its only one page the impact of this image made quite an impression on youth across the country, it has been used on flyers, zines and...

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The Sunday Times - 2nd August 1964

This was one of those golden Ebay moments, in the early days of the virtual jumble sale from silicon valley, picked up for pennies.  Having never found a rare 7" record at Oxfam for 50p or a hard back first edition at a church garden fete worthy of Sotherans Piccadilly bookshop - this is our gloat find. 1964 many active mods believe that 1964 was the nail in the coffin of the genuine mod scene.  To hell with that these Johnny-come -lately's look super smart even the mockers on the last page- kind of.  While not a zine in the least the images in this colour supplement have featured in zines and graced club flyers from Toronto to Tokyo. The...

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