Fanzine — #vanjac

The Beatles meet the cardigans

This is what happens when you pop out for a tea and fresh air…..I purchased this record the other day from Flash Back records on Bethnal Green Road London, merely moments from Anglozine HQ- purely for the sleeve.   I haven’t done that since the first record I ever bought from Woolworths; using a gift token from my Nan. The disc was “Swords of a thousand men by Tenpole Tudor’ in 1981, luckily a pretty good song as it goes.  The Beatles here doing a spot of product placement in Van Jac checkerboard cardigans- arigato are kid.  The Japanese 7” record cover for Hello Goodbye/I am the Walrus on Apple Records (Ed. Van Jac has no association to Californian Van Doren...

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