Fanzine — #yeye

The Ghost

  Watch him.  He moves down your street with all the off-beat and heartbeat and sway and swagger of tiger ska becoming jaguar rocksteady. He has a softness, a dark, hard, bright-eyed softness. He has a crisp, clean welcome to the world and all its joy and harshness on his face. His clothes are Sinatra's, Coltrane's, Steve McQueen's.  His soundtrack is Jacqueline Taieb's "7 heures du matin". You can picture him in 'Goodbye Tristesse', picture Jean Seberg falling in love with him.  Watch him a little more. Watch Lee Miller taking a photo of him, drinking in his soul and purpose.  Watch Man Ray turning his grace into a strange new beauty. Have you seen the clip for Françoise Hardy's...

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