Paris Nous Appartient - DVD BFI - Anglozine

Paris Nous Appartient - DVD BFI

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Paris Nous Appartient (Paris Belongs To Us)

Black&White/French/1961/ Director Jacques Rivette

Jacques Rivette, the great cinematic visionary and probably least know of the major French New Wave directors, started making his first feature in 1957 and completed it slowly over two years, as budget allowed.åÊ Finally released in 1961, Paris Belongs To Us brilliantly captured the mood of paranoia and uncertainty of the cold war period.

Featuring cameos from fellow New Wavers: Chabrol, Godard and Demy; a striking Musique concrete score, and Charles Bitsch's stunning black and white photography- a masterpiece of the French new wave cinema.

Special features

-English subtitles

- New introduction by Jonathan Romney on Rivette and Paris Nous Appartient

-Short film: Le Coup du Berger by Rivette (1957)

-Fully illustrated booklet with essays by Tom Milne and Louis Marcorelles; biography of Rivette by Jason Wood


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