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Privilege-  DVD/Blue Ray

UK/1965/ Directed by Peter Watkins

The film follows the fate of musician Steven Shorter (played by ex-Manfred Mann singer Paul Jones) who's career & power he wields over his colossal amount of young fans is used by the powers at be to breed political obedience in his young followers.

Exalting Steven Shorter into a god like figure, his managers and the economic establishment who fund his career do their utmost to maintain power over the country.   Shorter loses his purpose of "self" and is merely a cipher of power, an influential piece of propaganda over the his fan base.  All that is left is a husk, puppeteered out of whatever use his funders deem necessary.

Shorter tries to get back to some semblance of self. He gets back on track with a friendship with a photogrpaher Vanessa played by David Baileys 1960's super model ex- Jean Shrimpton.

In these funny old days a Z-list celebrities calling the shots and mediocre policies Privilege is something of a 1967 prophecy its also the only flipping colour celluloid film we've selected!!

Special features

  • English subtitles
  • High and Standard definition
  • DVD & Blu-Ray 2 disc
  • Short films: The Diary of an unknown soldier (1959), The Forgotten Faces (1961)
  • Illustrated booklet with essays by film historian Robert Murphy & John Cook






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