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TSC: The Style Council 9 x 7" records

TSC: The Style Council 9 x 7" records

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The Style Council record collection

From Anglozine season one 'The Cappuccino Kids' mood board 7" 45rpm records.  All records and sleeves are in very good condition.  The only sleeve marks are numbers written on the reverse of TSC 4.

TSC 1 - Speak Like a Child/Party Chambers

TSC 2 - Money-Go-Round (parts 1 &2)

TSC 3 - Long Hot Summer/ Party Chambers/The Paris Match/ Le Depart

TSC 4 - A Solid Bond in Your Heart/It Just Came to Pieces in My Hands/ A Solid Bond in Your Heart instrumental.  

TSC 5 - My Ever Changing Moods/Micks Company

TSC 6 - You're the Best Thing/The Big Boss Groove

TSC 7 - Shout to the Top/Ghosts of Dachau

TSC 8 - Walls Come Tumbling Down/The Whole Point II/Blood Sports

CINE 1 - Have You Ever Had it Blue/ Mr Cools Dream


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