Winter Collection '22

Season number nine Nowadays Almanac we pick up on our favourite blue of the late 1960's Pelican books. Woven badges pay homage to Pelican, the work of Germano Facetti and titles like The Violent Gang and The Insecure Offenders.

  • Anglozine everyday styles return for winter 2022. Improved on each season's tide and time. Like the multi stripe 'Tide' easy fit sweatshirt. Winter white 'Brook' button down fleece too broad for leaping.

  • Ever since our launch season all Anglozine styles are made in: England, Scotland and Italy in limited edition units.

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    North South Divide

    Yes we've got short sleeve shirts and t-shirts, it's always sunny somewhere

    Stockist: For Winter 2022 Anglozine is available exclusively at:


    2 Bond

    New York

    NY 10012



    Sat-Sun 11-7pm

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