Anglozine winter 2019 ZINE #3

Here at Anglozine we really dig zines in all guises, in short its where we get the zine bit from our name.   In the 1980's they switched us on to so many brilliant things.  Continental street wear for fanzine educated boys and girls.  The zines we make are sent out with people that take the time to connect/buy from us; be it direct or our wholesale stockists of distinction.   When the zine has done its job for the season we stick it here.  It just seems odd to us to produce a printed zine and make it www from the offset. ZINE #4 Summer 2020 has just sailed into Anglozine HQ here its dead good- dead dead good in fact....

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Anglozine weekend shops in May 17-19th & 24-26th May 2019

Founded in 1987 Acid Jazz was the eye opener to our second youth subculture. The record label, the music genre it spearheaded and of course- the look. We were too young for Mod revival and Brit pop hadn't yet -popped.  Acid Jazz was the ideal introduction to the scene, and at the time a good excuse to stop going to house clubs.  For us the Acid Jazz look was also the best look of the 1990's and the most soulful but then as The Face and I-D magazines warned,  this wasn't actually a Mod revival...... The Face magazine No28 (January 1991) i-D Magazine No 75 November 1989  

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Anglozine Issue 1

Anglozine issue 1 here in its full digitized glory. The latter part of our labels name is Zine and so it felt quite appropriate to rustle one up. It’s loosely based around: clothing, fashion, dress sense and I guess going forward that’s what they’ll all be about; because that’s all that interests us really. Issue one includes Q&A’s with LOOSE (zine extrodinare), Eddie Piller (owner of Acid Jazz ) John Marchant (John Marchant Gallery/Jamie reid), Claire Duport (illustrator former WAD stylist) and long time friend Vincent Mare (owner Desastre records). Issue 2 will be out some time in February 2019 and will include so far Q&A’s with: Frida Wannerberger, Paul Gorman, and Rutger Fuchs…………….On that bombshell

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