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Anglozine weekend shops in May 17-19th & 24-26th May 2019

Founded in 1987 Acid Jazz was the eye opener to our second youth subculture. The record label, the music genre it spearheaded and of course- the look. We were too young for Mod revival and Brit pop hadn't yet -popped.  Acid Jazz was the ideal introduction to the scene, and at the time a good excuse to stop going to house clubs.  For us the Acid Jazz look was also the best look of the 1990's and the most soulful but then as The Face and I-D magazines warned,  this wasn't actually a Mod revival...... The Face magazine No28 (January 1991) i-D Magazine No 75 November 1989  

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Anglozine Issue 1

Anglozine issue 1 here in its full digitized glory. The latter part of our labels name is Zine and so it felt quite appropriate to rustle one up. It’s loosely based around: clothing, fashion, dress sense and I guess going forward that’s what they’ll all be about; because that’s all that interests us really. Issue one includes Q&A’s with LOOSE (zine extrodinare), Eddie Piller (owner of Acid Jazz ) John Marchant (John Marchant Gallery/Jamie reid), Claire Duport (illustrator former WAD stylist) and long time friend Vincent Mare (owner Desastre records). Issue 2 will be out some time in February 2019 and will include so far Q&A’s with: Frida Wannerberger, Paul Gorman, and Rutger Fuchs…………….On that bombshell

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The Music Machine 1979

        I've got my parka on. It's got a Union Jack and an Irish tricolour on the right sleeve. I never did play the game, me. I'm proud of it, the parka. Sort of. I've had it a couple of months. Someone told me it was original, though I'm never sure what that meant. Whatever, it fits perfectly over my two-tone suit, the one I got at Second Time Around. And if I had a scooter, it would keep me warm. Only trouble is: it's not right. I know it's not right. It doesn't have a fishtail, the back of it just cuts straight across. The fur on the hood is too... furry. And the colour is...

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Fashion misfits are trailblazers and groundbreaking. Declaring myself a fashion misfit would be far too self-congratulatory and far less accurate. Clothing has played a defining character in my life. Mostly it has assumed the role of a visiting fly in my sleeping hours. An entity of which I wish to free myself. However, it has also been a gauge, a litmus test, or a warning light that I am living in the wrong age, or place.   My first pair of shoes were red canvas Nikes with a white swoosh and a single Velcro strap that held them in place. At least that’s the way my mother remembers. I remember a very different pair. I remember leather work boots. Boots...

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