We don't do politics here at Anglozine, we just liked the pretty colours of the cover of this political pamphlet - it matches our Jook Orange cardigan really well 

Its why we picked up the zine in the first place! apologise for upsetting any political animals reading this.   The movement was Dutch and so there is a definite nod to The Netherlands flag with the cover art here.  

Launching in 1964 Provo combined three countercultural elements: an emerging group of angry, alienated young people; provocative methods of the performance artist Robert Jasper Grootveld; and the revolutionary ideas of philosophy student Roel Van Duyn.

1968 gets banded around quite a bit as the stylish revolutionary year, but here the White Bicycle movement PROVO mentions: The 'Provotariat'......artists, beatniks, mods, rockers.  So pretty much our entire Anglozine mailing list, family and friends mentioned in the manifesto right there.

We are also pretty sure that the PROVO movements calling card of crudely painting things white made a definite impression on Belgian designer Martin Margiela.  Margiela famously painted his: shops, studio, and collections to a certain degree in a basic white paint.

In 1967 'Tomorrow' a British freak-beat band released a single called 'My white Bicycle' inspired by the Provo movement and a killer song it is too.   John Peel of the BBC promoted the single; initially thinking they were in fact singing "my wife's bisexual'.  The Tomorrow band also made a cameo role in the 1967 Rita Tushingham film Smashing Time, which is worth watching for the film extras wardrobe if anything. 

You see we don't do politics - we can take you around the houses in every nook and cranny contents of a zine and do our utmost to ignore - leanings.

Heres an idea while we are all stuck at home, get a zine together of your own.  If you'd like a copy of our latest zine just send us your postal address and we'll get one out to you with a few stickers too, get us on





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