Public Image Ltd

Public Image Ltd

Not a huge PIL fan to be brutally honest, 'The order of death' from 1984 and their self title track which is shown here 'Public Image' are the standouts- I even had the intro with its 'Hello, ello, ello, hello' on the answer machine in the 1990's for a while it annoyed the hell out of my nan.

Fronted by John Lydon (ex-Sex Pistols) the band PIL as a complete package undoubtedly had real clout.  Their logo is up there with the best of them, if punk band logos were featured in a Top Trumps card game: PIL and CRASS would get top top points.  This record "sleeve" newspaper mocking the tabloids such as  The Sun and The Mirror of the late 1970's is marketing genius.   

The newspaper fonts and formats were a big influence on the original British punk scene a couple of summers before this release. Thanks to the my favourite Druid, Liverpool dwelling, Fulham F.C fan, artist Jamie Reid.  Mr Reid unquestionably set the blue print for UK Punk graphics by way of his torn newspaper ransom note style. 

Reids artwork has been acknowledged a few times by Rei Kawakubo in her Comme Des Garcons collections and even Valentino more recently.  Its an immediately recognisable style that has become less punk and thanks to the machines at the likes of  Mc Donalds and European car manufacturers the epitome of London and Anglocentric joie de vivre.  A million miles away from its intended purpose artwork when Reid was at Croydon art school with Malcolm Mclaren.

Interestingly all of the photographs in this, I'll call it a zine are by Hackney born and bred Dennis Morris who started off at The Mirror newspaper. Dennis took some of the best shots of The Sex Pistols and so got to know John Lydon of PIL very well he even went on a talent spotting trip to Jamaica with Richard Branson and Lydon in 1977. 

In a watered down version this Public Image Ltd newspaper and single from Tuesday September 31st 1978 is almost a ransom note. It was sent to us as a gift with no note, now thats punk rock. THANKS ?



Public Image Ltd Anglozine single PIL

Public Image Ltd (Side A)


Public Image Ltd Anglozine cover


Public Image Ltd centrefold censored Anglozine


Anglozine Public Image Ltd PIL Sport page


Public Image Ltd Anglozine single

B Side - The Cowboy song (lyrics on the sports page)



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