Its May how the flippin' heck did that happen?

Yesterday in a purple haze flash back flicking through this RAVE May 1967 I happened across the map of Great Britain.  The second city Birmingham- where I was flung up as a child, claims Maroon, Maroon as the chosen trend colour that month. 

On my 16th Birthday I was allowed to get an 'outfit' for my party -unsupervised, girls had been invited - this was deadly serious.

So 20+ years later 5 days away from the date of this Rave Magazine and me being legally allowed to have sexual intercourse and a post-coital cigarette (16 UK) -  I'm in Mr Singh's shop on the Stratford Road Birmingham in May 1987 trying on: Maroon waffle sta-prest and a Maroon waffle ski jumper featuring a white chest band design Ceefax television cubic snowflakes and skiing character; in a snow plow type stance.  The snow plow I hasten to add is the most elegant ski position this  Brummie comprehensive school kid could master.  Both Bordeaux coloured garments 100% finest Acrylic and I'd "grow into them" apparently.

A few doors down the road at Mr Kents shoe shop, I got a pair of Saxone Burgundy loafers and tried them on with white tube sport socks - I have no idea. I must have been subliminally inspired by someone at the: youth club, band or the best dresser at our school on that skiing trip earlier in 1987.  Relieved that my sixteenth birthday look was complete. I'm envisaging and not wholly negatively an Aubergine that had been on a waffle grill - sweet sixteen and never ever seen a full length mirror!

There were no camera phones back then and if the folks had papped the party it'd be the static cake blowing ceremony- which considering the flammable composition of the garms is a relief, holding a pose over Woolworth candles.  Many a youth went up in flames in my day, nearly as dangerous as those chip pan fires.

So alas no evidence of this 'outfit' which is also probably for the best- the party was pretty good by all accounts.

This is one of my favourite Rave magazines simply for coverage of London bands: The Action and The Yardbrids, effortless style and no evidence of Maroon other than a slither of purple on Reg Kings jumper.  




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