THE FACE January 1991

Many, many Mays ago doing a newspaper round as a kid- at the weekends my route would change to the posher side of my parish, where the 'Sunday supplement' crowd lived.  The toff kids would also get some decent titles like: Arena, Blitz, R.A.D, Sky, The Face and I'D, sometimes a bundle of them, they weighed a ton. 

Back on the round taking well earned breaks akin to a Tenzing Norgay sherpa, I'd flick through a few of the magazines: Blitz, The Face and I-D jumped grabbed my attention most of the time.  As the paper rounds went on and certain houses were no longer delivered to and my despatch bag got lighter- I learnt of the demise of Blitz magazine.  It was now down to two: The Face and I-D were now neck and neck on becoming my favourite magazines. 

I'm still undecided; so close to shaping many youths tastes here in the UK and elsewhere I'm sure.  They were veritable barometers of well pretty much everything really.  You were either: Aquascutum Burberry, Lambretta Vespa, Blue Nose Vila, I-D  The Face, or Pepsi or Coke.  

The I-D has been a rock, a constant if you like; famously survived on freebies from just discovered and interstellar contributors. The Face was better before it folded and the Jason Donovan law suit maybe putting in the final boot in, rumour errs me slightly.  A bit like seeing your tough mate running from a brawl and leaving you to mop up.

This 1991 issue of The Face reports on the fledgling none-mod-mod-scene a genuine lifeline to the Anglozine crew at the time.  Notice the 'Club fanzines to football shirts' on the cover - theres your link.........