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Numerology is a thing. I come from quite a superstitious family and so we find meaning in the oddest of borderline numerical wizardry. 

On occasion delivery food riders will stand outside my building gate entrance as I'm just getting back from a fulfilling day at Anglozine HQ.  The majority of the time they ask 'what number are you' this is one of my favourite salutations. My other favourite greeting is Oi Oi Savaloy but we are all so modern these days its seldom heard in my immediate London village.  

Back to the food delivery people in East London....'Number Six' I reply, confused they peer at me through their full face helmet, then at the column of door entry buzzers, the eyes squint further, showing clear confusion.  'but, but there is no number' and I cut them off like a cold war interrogator 'I am not a number I am a free man'  and glide away to my home and cook a delicious meal. 

Here we have a Sunday Telegraph magazine from March 1985 with Number 6 The Prisoner protagonist on the cover.  From the articles and clips I've happened across with Patrick McGoohan its safe to say he was quite intense.  He was on a personal crusade to make sure that the TV series came to fruition.

He approached media impresario Lew Grade to get the budget and airtime. The decision was helped by Patricks previous success as the lead in Danger Man, whilst Danger Man was popular back in the 1960's it doesn't quite stand the test of time as The Prisoner.  The story lines are as relevant today as 1967 with: AI, algorithms and corrupt governments doing their thing.  Patrick McGoohan has said many times that George Orwells '1984' was a huge influence on The Prisoner series. 

There are tons of references and screen iconography that stem from the sheer style and script of the TV series The Prisoner. It has been shown over and over in the UK & USA. Boating blazers, Mini Mokes, Candy bar striped garden furniture, White balloons, CCTV and the notion of being constantly monitored in a quaint village.  If you do anything after reading this, at the very least just watch the intro. The 30 second intro alone is better than most hour long series on Netflix.

Anglozine Telegraph Sunday Magazine March 1985

Patrick McGoohan had to do a runner from the UK following the final epsiode of The Prisoner, so angered were the viewing public, I wont spoil it for you in case you decide to watch the 17 episodes. So to hide from the baying mob his first stop was Switzerland where his wife was from and then onto you guessed it Los Angeles (via Santa Fe New Mexico)

Anglozine The Prisoner Sunday magazine

On the beach from Portmerion Cymru to Malibu California same same.

The Prisoner Patrick McGoohan Anglozine


Patrick McGoohan The Prisoner Anglozine

The Number Six, Portmericon, and Camera Obscura covers are from zines dedicated to the TV series.  The Anglozine zine issue 10 should be out soon, and it will be sent out with all orders and to newsletter subscribers.  If you would like a copy be sure to sign up and send us your postal address.

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