Music is essential to us here at Anglozine. In saying that we are not out and out snobs -we all have our guilty pleasures. 

Our first two playlists are closely linked to our inaugural season collections. The Cappuccino Kids AW/18, the nom de plume of the sleeve note scribe for the 1980s band The Style Council. The playlist honours coffee, cafes and the otherworldliness in suburbia of the iconic frothy coffee.

The SS/19 season Decima Look is an Imaginary soundtrack to a La Decima Vittima film remake and early 1960’s British pop-art artists and the music that could have inspired them. In short an Anglo-Italian sci-fi cinematic groove. We have it on good authority that Andy Warhol’s favourite film score was in fact the original soundtrack to La Decima Vittima (The Tenth Victim) by Piero Piccioni released in 1965.

Gascogne III is a summer cinematic gallic playlist for SS/20 with a smattering of Ska the ultimate summer sonnets.

AW/20 Eel Pie Island jazz club nurtured untold numbers of bands in the UK that went onto international critical acclaim.   The club ran from 1959 as a youth club initially looking after the local waifs and strays through to 1968 where it ran as 'Colonel Barefoots Rock Garden' so named from the footprints left on the ceiling of the Eel Pie Island hotel venue when it was promoted as Eel Pie Island Jazz club years earlier. 

SS/21 760 Deathnal Green desert ditties for those long, long x 10 desert roads. The standout tracks for the 760 Deathnal Green sound in no particular order; The Soundcarriers (Leonore Wheatley is quizzed in our latest zine) we've listened to them on hundreds of desert road trips.  The Washington band Girl Trouble had they not mentioned a lonesome phone booth in the Mojave desert in their 1990's fanzine- well we'd be stuffed and so would Godfrey 'Doc' Daniels also in our latest zine- its where we get the prefix 760 area code.  Heavy Pound by Beach Skulls the soundtrack to our 760 Deathnal Green season film is our theme.

The Anglozine playlist is going to just run and run, no rhyme or reason to it were just taking notes.